Best fidget toys of all time

Fidget Toys are all the rage amongst kids and adults alike! Physical stores are selling out quickly, leaving it tough to get a hold of one! Use this list to get some of the cheapest and great Fidget Toys for you and fast!

  • Stainless Steel Spinner
This one is fairly quiet, small, and cheap!

  • Fidget Toy Flippy Chain Fidget Toy
This one isn’t a spinner but offers a smooth rolling and twisting motion.

  • Classic Spinner
Just your average blue, tri-spinner. But, it runs cheap!
  • Set of 3 Squeeze-A-Bean
These adorable little soybean pods let you squeeze the smiling soybeans in and out. They’re cute and come in a set of three for about $11.00!

  • Santa Fidget Spinner
This one is shaped like the Santa symbol, which makes it even cooler. It comes in some neat color combinations as well.

  • A set of 12 Soft Fidget Toys
For about $9.00 right now, you can get a set of 12 soft fidget toys. This would be a great option for teachers, moms of multiples, or just an easy way to have several on hand in case your fidget toys get lost.

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