Eco-Friendly Jute Products From India

In India, jute is produced by West Bengal. Jute is known as the second most essential natural fiber after cotton. Jute is used to make jute sack, gunny bags etc. Jute is biodegradable and it is soft, shiny and long fiber that can be easily spun into strong threads.

The trading history of jute items started from seventeenth century, i.e. amid the British Rule. The industry boomed all through the 18th and 19th centuries. However, this trade had generally stopped by around 1970 because of the rise of synthetic fibers. In the 21st century, Jute again rose to be an essential harvest for export around the world rather than synthetic fiber, for the most part of Bangladesh. 90% of the world’s jute is reaped in Bangladesh and the rest in India.

Here Are Some Eco-Friendly Products From Jute

1. Bags & Sacks

Bags are made up of jute is strong as compared to polythene bags, these are comes with different shape, size and colors. It is also colorful and you can put many items in it . Best thing about these bags is that they are biodegradable.

Sacks - sacks are made up of "Hessian material". Hessian material is a better quality jute texture. Hessian material is utilized for an extensive variety of uses and is sent out everywhere throughout the world both in fabric frame and as sacks. Sacks are utilized to store and pack assortments of products and items, for example, wheat, pulses, potato, onion, sugar, and tobacco. The sacks are accessible for storing good up to 60 kg. of weight.

2.Fashion & Decorative Products

People are attracted towards nature handmade items. Jute is a really flexible fiber and that is the quintessence behind the fame of jute items all over the globe. There are many items like bottle, basket, dolls, blankets & Cushion Covers or making rope and jute is also used in making some types of clothes.

3.Jute Rugs and Mats

Jute is also used in making rugs and mats. Jute Mats & Matting with 5/6 meters width and of consistent length are effortlessly being woven in Southern parts of India. They are available in variety of designs & shades, these mats & rugs such as Boucle, Panama, Herringbone are made both through power loom and hand-loom, in substantial volume at Kerala, India. The most popular mat in home décor is Satranji mat.

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