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by QC Team JS 03 Feb 2022 0 Comments

There are many famous video games and mobile games for which children and adults are crazy. As with video games, there are many outdoor games like cricket and football for which kids and adults are crazy.

But you never think a thing made up of rubber ever gets famous.

Yes, A Pop-It Fidget toy "A rubber toy covered in small bumps which can be pushed in and out with a satisfying ‘pop’".


Who made Pop-it so Popular?

As we all know Pop-it fidget toy is a very old toy or a very old product but it becomes an overnight sensation last year.

The original pop-it was the of two Israeli games designers - Theo and Ora Coster.

Between them, they invented over 190 games, one of the most famous of which is Guess Who? – a face recognition game which has been sold in multiple language versions around the world.

Theo was born in Amsterdam in 1928 and was a classmate of Anne Frank. He drove to Israel on a motorcycle in 1955, where he settled, and met his wife Ora. They merged their names to form their company name, Theora Design.

The first pop-it toy had a tragic inspiration, when Ora's sister, an artist, died of breast cancer in 1974, and Ora had an idea in a dream.

“She said, 'Theo, imagine a large field of breasts, ladies’ breasts, that you can push the nipple.' She was very open, she said whatever was on her mind, to anyone," says Boaz Coster, Theo and Ora's son who runs the company with his brother Gideon. "She went to him and she said, do a carpet of nipples that you can press from one side to the other. And he did just that.”

The couple firstly designed some prototypes, but the idea went nowhere, partly because the silicone rubber which today’s pop-its are made from wasn’t available. A few years ago, the brothers dusted off their parent's idea which had been shelved since the 70s and struck a deal with the Montreal-based games company, Foxmind.

It was repackaged as Last One Lost, a two-player game where players take turns to push the bubbles and try to avoid pushing the last one. Launched in 2014, it sold “a few thousands,” says Boaz. But in 2019 it was picked up by the US retailer, Target.

“They started selling a bit more but still it wasn’t very amazing until someone created some movies and clips over TikTok and Youtube. And there was a specific clip with a little monkey that presses from one side and then turns it and presses from the other side.”

“It was the essence of the idea that our parents thought of – and this made 500 million hits,” says Boaz. The influencer monkey’s name was Gaitlyn Rae. She lives in Elizabeth City, North Carolina with her owners Jessica Lacher, who owns a farm, and Jessica's husband Paul who runs an irrigation company.

“Somebody sent her a pop-it for her birthday,” says Jessica. “That was the first we had ever seen of them. I don’t know if it was an original or whatnot, but then they started making all these other brands, and all her fans kept sending them and sending them. I mean, we have boxes and boxes of just pop-its.”

After this Pop-it gets popular many online sites like JSBlueRidge, Amazon starts trading of these toys. They sells these items in bulk amount. You can  but there pop-it fidget toys for kids, as well as adults, because these are popular in every age group and also used by everyone. 

Where Can You Get Pop Its?

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