As we all know Pop-It is ruling the toy market. It is everybody's favorite toy after fidget spinner. And used by children as well as an adult also. Pop-It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Children used Pop-It to keep their fingers busy and adults use it as a stress buster and a relaxing toy.


But do you ever think that a Pop-It can be used for learning activities, YA you see that right we use Pop-it to teach children? 

As we all know that kids learn better when they are interested Right? So to make learning interesting we can use Pop IT!



Prepare the Pop It-

Firstly take the permanent marker and write the alphabet letters on it. It's upon you whether you have to write the alphabet or count numbers and also Add an exclamation and a question mark and any other symbols which you want to teach the children.

1. Counting Numbers-

If you have a Pop-It with one hundred bubbles, you can easily write 100 counting numbers on it with a marker. This is the most interesting way for children to learn number recognition, counting practice. This will help them count 1 to 100!

2. Alphabets Letters-

Same as counting numbers now write alphabets on it and make it interesting and easier also for children. Tell them to read any alphabet letter and also pop that letter. By this children learn alphabets letters by Pop them in and out.

3. Practicing on Keyboard-

As we all know that everyone had faced difficulties in typing on the keyboard. We had to learn and practice more and more to increase our efficiency and typing speed to work on any laptop and computer. But nowadays, due to this pandemic, most of the children have online classes and they also face the same issues of typing on the keyboard just like us. So we can use keyboard type pop it to practice on it it is useful for small children because it made learning easier and interesting.

4. Learn new words and sentences-

Write any word like- Apple, Bat, Cat, etc. And tell children to read it loud and pop that letter as well this helps them to adopt reading skills and they also learn new words and spell them. Also like this write any short sentence (ex:- I like a burger) and say children to read it and pop it as well.


Where Can You Get Pop Its?

You can find them at jsblueridge, Amazon, and other stores. If you want to check out so I have in the pictures, just click the words below.

Jumbo square Pop it

Rainbow square pop it

Rainbow Keyboard

or visit- https://jsblueridge.com/

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