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Plastic Toy Manufacturers In USA

by QC Team JS 14 Dec 2021 0 Comments

In earlier years toys are made up of wood and metal. But toys made up of metal and wood were considered too heavy for children and metal toys were considered unsafe, leading to a sudden transition in raw materials utilized in the manufacture of toys.

After that plastic is the source of any toy material and another reason is this plastic is available in the USA.

Many plastic toy manufacturers in the USA invested in the use of plastic. And not long after that, their toys flooded the market.

So here are some Plastic toys Manufacturers in the USA.

01. Mattel 

Mattel has collaborated with huge toy manufactured companies such as  Barbie, UNO, Hot-Wheels, MEGA, Thomas and Friends.

This is located in Los Angeles and founded in New York, Massively expanding their influence and reach into home markets of rival manufacturers like Nintendo in Japan and Lego in Denmark is another feat of theirs. Mattel says that Kids are their inspiration, innovation is their watchword. If you’re a toy lover, huge chances are that you used one Mattel toy as a child.

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02. American Plastic Toys

They made every quality product in terms of quality, aesthetics, durability, and reputation in America. This company is founded in 1962 their concept is to make exceptional and quality products and founded in Walled Lake, Michigan, their toys line has over 125 toys manufactured and assembled in the United States. They manufacture plastic toys such as garden toys, sand toys, snow toys, dolls, pails, and shovels.

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03. Hasbro

Hasbro aims to connect with children, so they make toys based on themes. That is the reason Hasbro partners with leading companies such as Marvel, Power Rangers, Star Wars, Disney Princess, Monopoly, Transformers, and many others. They focused on making those products that are accepted and loved by children and also those products which are trending and kids love to watch and play with them like cartoons, movies characters, and some Tv shows because kids easily connect with that type of products.

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04. Pioneer Plastics

Pioneer plastic toy manufacturer works in different types of techniques which made them different from other toy manufactured companies and that technique is the injection molding technique in the manufacture of plastic toys such as Dolls, Bobble Heads, and Beanie Babies. they made quality products and also by their quality they set up and maintain their brand name in the market. You have nothing to worry about the quality of their products because their core values are integrity, continuous improvement, superior service, commitment, client retention, and teamwork.

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05. Duncan

For over 85 years, Duncan has been in the business of toy manufacturing. Duncan is a master in the game of adopting the transition of Metal-to-Plastic toys. Their commitment to providing companion toys and learning toys for children has kept them relevant in the industry for a long time

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