Redefining the B2B Marketplace with JSBlueRidge


In today's world, with fierce competition and not enough opportunities to expand your business, It is quite important to walk shoulder to shoulder with the marketplace using new ideas.

For suppliers, Being part of a B2B marketplace represents a huge potential to take your sales and business to the next level.

JSBlueRidge is here to aid you with selling products and helping you in marking your place in the market.

We are US based, With our warehouse in North Carolina and Registered under the name, J&S USA International, since 2018. Our Parent Organization is Happy Paper Inc., Since 1989. Which deals in wholesale paper and food packing supplies.

JSBlueRidge is a step ahead where we are indulging in B2B marketplace including B2B suppliers and Dropshipping. It provides quality products in bulk also trades in different countries.

The kind of products we are dealing with ranges from Daily used, Trending items, PPE to Wholesale.

It will build your online presence and your products will be displayed 24*7 on our site which would ultimately help you close bigger deals and in more sales.

If you don’t have the time and resources to invest in reaching customers across offline and online channels on your own budget, Choosing to sell to JSBlueRidge can take the work off your plate and help effectively expand your network.

We are happy to say that we are also importing our products to the USA for our suppliers which would ease the work and make the process more convenient.

Here we provide sales-trend insights and aggregated data for different segments or industries, So you may adapt to the sales trend and enjoy “First Mover” benefits, especially in times of crisis.

JSBlueRidge is looking forward to seeing you flourish and getting better day by day. We would be happy to give you the appropriate platform for your products and connecting with the world.



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