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In the digital era with the furious cut-throat competition and this current situation of pandemic brings insufficient freedom to extend a business, let's hold each other's hands and walk side by side by sharing new ideas in the growth of our business. We represent a tremendous potential to take your sales and business to a higher level.

JSBlueRidge: is here to aid you with selling products and helping you in making your place in the market. We are US-based, with our warehouse in North Carolina, and are registered under the name, J&S USA International, since 2018. Our Parent Organization is Happy Paper Inc., since 1989 which deals in wholesale paper and food packing supplies.

JSBlueRidge is rising ahead where we are enjoying the B2B commercial including B2B suppliers and drop shipper. The sort of items we are dealing with goes from daily utilized trending things, to PPE wholesale.

JSBlueRidge will assist to upgrade your business effortlessly by enhancing your business to the next level:

  • Building your online presence and your items will be shown 24*7 on our webpage which may eventually help you to get greater arrangements and deals.
  • If you don't get the opportunity and resources, to use for moving toward your clients on your financial plan, just pick JSBlueRidge to deal with your work and help you to grow your business over the organization.
  • We are happy to specify that we bring our items to the USA for our providers which may facilitate the work and make the technique more accommodating and advantageous.

Here we offer deals pattern experiences and accumulate the information for different portions of industries, so you'll adjust and flourish your business particularly in times of crisis. As a rising star, JSBlueRidge is glad to offer you satisfactory services for the betterment of mutual growth.

To know more about their business, connect with JSBlueRidge at

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