Things To Look For in a Wholesale Ecommerce Platform

1. Extensive integrations

The old days are gone and with old days old ways are also gone. Nowadays you must have that type of ecommerce platform which can integrate with other software to create a smooth purchasing experience for your customers.

Make sure that the ecommerce platform which you have has versatile APIs that allow you to integrate with your existing business systems ( ERP, CRM, PIM, etc.).

2. Decide your budget

When choosing any type of Ecommerce platform you must have a strategy and budget.

  • What is the difficulty level of maintaining the site?
  • What's the total cost of building and setting up the site?
  • Are you responsible for managing security and upgrades? 

Always check multiples option because everyone has their own rate and services and its upon you to choose according to your budget.

There are many who can cost over six figures depending on the complexity of the build, design, extensions and additional integrations required.

Also there are many who has a lower total cost of ownership. So its depend on you which types of service you want and the budget which is according tom you.

3. Catalog and search system

When you have numbers of products or a variety of products with numbers of different SKUs then you also have a big and extensive catalog, but it creates problem with customers to find out the exact products that they need. For this you have to offer faceted search option this help users analyze, organize, and filter large sets of product inventory based on filters such as size, color, price, and brand.

4. SEO and content marketing 

This is the most important and essential part because almost everything is depend upon it because every wholesale buyers or any other customer use internet to find any type of products. And for this you have a good quality of content because this helps customers to find you. Your ecommerce platform should enable you to deliver SEO-optimized content that answers the precise questions buyers are asking. 

5. Payment Process

The payment facility rely very much in this all wholesale platform thing because it is for customer, suppose a customer selected a product and now he/she wants to buy it but there is no a payment option in according to them, so you have to put different types of payment method.

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