What Kind of Stress toys Are There?


There is a big selection of fidget toys available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Different people will consider different toys more helpful - and luckily they are affordable enough where you can try more than one," Parma says.

Fidget Cubes

This six-sided toy is a bit more complex, bearing multiple options to keep your fingers busy. Typically made of plastic, each side of the cube includes various activities such as twisting, clicking, spinning or flipping, allowing the hands to stay occupied and the mind to focus elsewhere.

Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are a three-pronged tool that fits in your hand and is meant to be spun, usually made of plastic or metal. People who struggle with hand fidgeting are not able to use them easily.

Stress Balls

Stress balls can be helpful to expel energy. These toy fidgets have been shown to signal relaxation, relieve arthritis and strengthen muscles in the wrists and hands. Dr. Parma says that the squeezing motion of a ball or even just clenching our fist and releasing it is part of a relaxation exercise called progressive muscle relaxation. Stress balls have special features for injuries or stress relief. Some are even written with positive affirmations to help them stay motivated.



Putty is a common household item and classroom item, but it can also be a sensory fidget toy. Putty releases stress like a stress ball. Putty comes in a variety of colors and is pocket-sized, but it’s also a quiet tool that can be less distracting than other toys, like a fidget spinner.


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