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15 Best E-Commerce Platforms For Wholesalers.

by sanjay sharma 19 Jul 2021 0 Comments


The biggest upside to wholesale E-commerce or Drop shipping is that one can use online platforms to advertise your company and even access these suppliers with ease. If you feel your supplier isn’t meeting your needs, these platforms can help you find different suppliers who will be suitable for your business.


1) Alibaba

This is the favorite hub for most Wholesalers and Drop shippers to come and discover products. Some wholesalers buy in bulk from here and Re-sell to other wholesalers or retail E-commerce sites in their home countries. Alibaba is based in China, and they offer the largest range of products, all at relatively cheaper prices which makes it an attractive E-commerce platform for Wholesalers and Drop shippers alike. 

2) Amazon Business:

Amazon Business is an American based E-commerce platform specially designed for wholesalers. The delivery time of this platform is faster than that of Alibaba which may last for days or even a week.


3) JSBlueRidge :  

JSBlueRidge is a brand owned by J&S USA International, which provide access to business to business. This facilitate B2B, large and small and also offer dropshipping. This company import products for it’s suppliers from all over the world to the United States. JSBlueRidge combines demand with supply and ensures an easy mode of transaction.


3) Global Sources: 

This Hong Kong based E-Commerce site is an angel in disguise for many wholesale business owners. Although it is one of the oldest, The platform feed businesses around the world with their custom B2B sales strategy.

4) X-Cart: 

X-Cart brings Wholesalers and Retailers together in a productive user-friendly platform. Just like other E-commerce platforms, X-Cart gives customer data and insights that will help you make better decisions about your business operations.

5) IndiaMart:

The name IndiaMart gives away the details of this fantastic E-commerce site briefly. It is an Indian based E-commerce store for both customers and wholesalers. Therefore, it supports both the B2B and B2C business models.

6) DHGate:

DH Gate is a China based E-Commerce perfect for Chinese products. The platform welcomes bulk ordering at the wholesale level as well as small and medium-sized Wholesalers and Drop shippers.

7) TradeKey:

This is the best E-Commerce site for wholesalers supplying the Asian region. Their operations and online sales target India, Pakistan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and so on.

8) China Express: 

China Express the company is now named Ali-Express. It offers a broad range of goods for anyone to afford. Wholesalers come here to buy quality goods at a cheaper discount price if you sign up as a wholesale partner.

9) Made in China:

Made in China is famous for its abundant availability of electronics in its online store. Most of the products here are manufactured in China or neighboring Taiwan. The only issue is the language barrier in communicating with the suppliers as they often speak little to no English.



Although Kinnek is an E-Commerce store made on the B2C model, Wholesalers can still use the platform for bulk orders. Most of the products there are Food items, Processed food, Baked foods, and others made by small to medium producers.

11) Berlin Packaging:

Berlin Packaging is a good yet underrated E-commerce marketplace suitable for all wholesalers whether beginners or experienced. The platform has fulfilled countless numbers of B2B bulk orders for many businesses in different niches.

12) Wholesale Clearance: 

Wholesale Clearance specializes in footwear of all kinds. They are trustworthy with ease of communication since most of the representatives speak fluent English. Bulk orders are delivered in the fastest time possible and maintenance of the products’ quality.

13) Casey’s Distributing: 

Casey's Distributing Wholesale is a North American E-Commerce site with a clean and modern platform that is User-Friendly. They distribute sport wears and fitness equipment to customers and wholesalers.

14) Clarion Wholesale: 

It is a B2B Wholesale E-Commerce marketplace for more than 25 years. The customer service and supply contact teams are reportedly remarkable. Clarion Wholesale is a manufacturer and distributor of product safety labels and signage.

15) J5 Fashion: 

This is a UK-based shoe seller that offers good quality shoes and clothes for awesome prices. They also support wholesale E-Commerce and take care of almost all its operations. 

E-Commerce has changed how we do business. Wholesale E-Commerce has systematically unified Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors and Retailers from all over the world. Nowadays, Wholesalers who use E-Commerce to sell their products ripe many benefits.  One of such benefit is the fact that it is easier to find Suppliers or Manufacturers from different countries. But as more and more wholesale businesses pop up with every passing day, you'll need to create more personalized experiences that make you shine among your competitors. One step to doing so is to have the right E-Commerce platform hosting your website along with good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

 To know more about their business, connect with JSBlueRidge at


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