Various Benefits-Wholesalers Can Get From Using E-Commerce




JSBlueRidge is an internationally owned brand by J&S USA provides access to Business to Business. With the opening of their new online venture, they grant a platform to markets. To trade with them with their resource operating under the umbrella of Happy Papers Inc. the brand trades in day-to-day products as Kitchen wares, home decoration, Trendy gift items, Fashion, Clothing, Production of Wholesale papers, Food packing products, Cutlery, Daily used paper products & PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

The main objective of the JSBlueRidge is to provide a platform where other markets can buy and sell with us. We import products from all around the world and supply them to businesses in the United States.

There are several ways through which the wholesalers can benefit from using E-Commerce:

  • Automating manual processes.
  • Reaching out to a wide range of targeted customers.
  • Getting insights and data.
  • Improving customer service.
  • Selling through mobile devices.

JSBlueRidge is a registered Business to Business supplier company that supply daily used products from Wholesalers to Retailers. In 2018, We started our new online E-Commerce portal providing access to B2B suppliers. Now using these B2B E-Commerce platforms, Wholesale companies get the chance to deal directly with the retailer companies and sell their products. Also, the retailer companies using these B2B E-Commerce platforms, Get the information and updates on products.

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