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5 Indian Handicraft Toys to Boost Children's Mental Development

by QC Team JS 28 Feb 2022 0 Comments

When you are a child you always demanded for toys not only you everyone demanded for toys in their childhood. Nowadays children play with toys which are made up of chemical products and chemical colors. It is important to be conscious of the products that we let our children use. We must start telling our children from a tender age to adopt and choose products that are sustainable in nature.

Like there are many Handcrafted toys that you will have to pick up handcrafted toys that are made using wood, natural dyes, etc. The major reason to choose handcrafted products is that they are made up of natural materials like wood, clay, and they are not chemical coated, manufacturer apply natural color for their coating. It is also important that you have to choose those toys that boost your children's mental development.

Toys games and other things from which children plays are not always meant to entertain child but also develop their mind and teach them some valuable skills.

There are many fancy and expensive toys which are available in market, buy your child a traditional handcrafted Indian toys.

Here are five interesting handcrafted toys, that you can buy for your kids.


Todays dolls are made up of chemical material, chemical colors. Unlike the dolls of today, Handcrafted dolls were made of the simplest materials available from plant shoots and cloth to clay and sawdust, and then coated with bright paints. In India dolls are also made by clay, there are many of the religious festivals in which clay dolls are used. In the Southern part of India, the Dasara festival (A Celebration of goddess Durga) is called Bommai Kolu or Gombe Habba meaning the “display of dolls”. 


This is one of the earliest toys that are introduced to a child. These toys are mainly for infants who enjoys sounds. They are mostly colored and come with a bell in order to help a child use multiple sensory organs, these are also great toys to help a child to learn the early lessons on holding on to items, grasping skills, etc. Channapatna toys offer a wide array of rattles that are famous throughout the world. Children enjoy and loves to play with it only with a basic feature just shake it and it will create a sound.


Pallanguli is a type of game the game starts with six seeds placed in each cup. The player starting first picks up the seeds from any of the holes and moves anti-clockwise to place one seed in each hole. If the player reaches the end of their cups, then he/she goes to the other side of the board. When the player drops the last seed he/she has, they take the seeds from the next cup and continue placing them in the same way. If the last seed falls into a cup with an empty cup following it, then the seeds present in the cup following the empty cup are captured by the player. This teaches your child some mind planning and moves and gave a perfect exercise of mind.

4. Bhatukli 

Almost Every girls love to play with kitchen sets in her childhood, and if you are planning to but one for your daughter or planning to gift kitchen set to someone then this is the best option for you. Bhatukli is a miniature version of kitchen utensils and other household items that were scaled down to the finest detail. They were made of copper and brass and were played with by kids as they watched their mothers cook and their family members making use of day to day household items. Today, these miniature utensils provide us a clear idea of what life was like in rural households.  

5. Pachisi 

Everyone knows about ludo, nowadays children are playing ludo in mobile,So here is the oldest verison of Ludo known as "Pachisi".  The four arms of the board were conjoined at the center called ‘Char Koni’ and each arm of the Pachisi had three marked squares called castles. This game is a set of 12 beehive-shaped wooden pawns in colors of black, yellow, red, and green. The players threw cowrie shells on the Char Koni and the move of the pawns was determined by the number on the shells that fell with an open face. The goal of this game was to get all the four pawns, belonging to each player, to complete the round of the board as fast as possible. Today, the Pachisi game has improvised versions called Ludo and American Parcheesi. 

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