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Some Facts about Indian wooden handicrafts

by QC Team JS 05 Mar 2022 0 Comments

As we all know India is known as home of handicrafts. India is well known for its handicrafts culture. There are different types of handicrafts, and from these different types of handicrafts the Indian wooden handicrafts have a special place from past many years. As I always said that India is blessed with handicrafts culture and India has some of the finest wood craftsmen and has a rich culture and heritage. The craftsman are so good in their work, they have awesome level of skills and a great experience of many years. Its like you give them a piece of wood and with their creative mind, skills, experience and their tools they made that piece into a attractive thing which you can't supposed. And this fine art and skills never end because it is passed from one generation to another.

And the great thing is that these handicrafts products is not only famous in India but these had a great craze in foreign market. So here are some facts about Indian handicrafts.

1. It's different ways of production

   Almost everything is made by machine but handicrafts is those crafts which are made by hands but the uniqueness is that handicrafts are made by using organic ways yes you see it right some manufacturer in India uses vegetable dyes and plant based dyes for coloring same like that in UP Manufacturer use organic colors which make it safe for children.

2. Unique material is used 

     Handicrafts are made by hands and with the help of creative minds, creative skills and a great experience and the most important it made by materials. The material used by manufacturer is different that each and every piece is unique and every item takes a lot of dedication and time to complete. this is the reason why the prices of handicrafts is high.

3. Indian wooden handicrafts are rich in cultural heritage 

 Indian wooden handicrafts are made only by a few artisan families, and are limited in number. Thus, they have a rich cultural heritage attached with them which is second to noneThere are many families in the country whose main occupation and source of income comes from making these unique wooden handicrafts. Foreigner people and market is a huge fan of these handicrafts. They had a great market and craze abroad. 

Handicrafts are never ended tradition and culture in India as well as in abroad, And its never gonna end handicrafts. In India there are many handicrafts manufacturer with great skills and these skills of making these beautiful wooden handicrafts runs in their blood, by which they mean it has been passed from one generation to another. 

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